Reversegaze Technologies, LLC
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Engineering Social Responsibility With a Business Sense


Our Vision is to Empower the Educated through Employment in the Socio-Economically Disadvantaged Zones of India, through Impact Souring. We want to facilitate a game changing proposition to Businesses to support their Operational Scalability & Cost Savings efforts via Socially Responsible outsourcing.


Our Mission is to facilitate Startups, Big Brands & SMEs to tap talent from the disadvantaged zones of India, and in the process integrate these zones into the knowledge economy. While enabling Capacity Creations through Socially Responsible Outsourcing, We want to deliver a Scalable Service Model to the Businesses.
Our focus is to deliver highly committed service levels which is enabled through a skilled and dedicated on-demand workforce.

ReverseGaze Advantage

Smart Business Set up – Low Cost

ReverseGaze’s operates with a lean and cost-effective business set-up, hence for Client will only have to pay for the value they get and not for vendor's, infra and heavy Management

Experienced Team

We have carefully selected and trained our SMEs who have an average about 3 years of subject-specific experience. Also, we have an expert/trainers with Industry experience who have worked with top companies

True High Scalability

Currently, we have additional seating capacity of about 80 FTEs. With a strong pipeline of hirable candidates, we can build even a large team within two weeks time

Reliable Quality Service

With our 100% Quality Check We ensure that each delivered assignment is clean and as per customer requirement. No assignment is delivered without Quality Check

True Availability

Along with providing service at your desired working hours, our key POCs are only a phone call away to help you with every minute requirement. We will be available on email, skype & VOIP

ReverseGaze Capabilities

Business Consulting

Strategic Planning Service
Mergers & Acquisition Service
Org Development Trainings
Business Documentations

Business Solutions

US Title Search Services
Order Management Support
File Conversions & Data Entry
Customer Service


Data Services
Data Extraction
Data Cleansing & Structuring
Data Exploration
Web Analytics

IT Services

Portals and Hosting
Manual Testing
Application Development
Application Maintenance

Our Mentors

Vibhanshu Abhishek

University of Pennsylvania PhD in OPIM

Dr. Bharatheesh Jaysimha

AI - Soft Computing,
Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Shashi Kumar

Data Warehouse,
Business Intelligence and Big Data Science.

Dr. Praveen M.P.

Data Analytics &
Business Intelligence